Future Projects

Creating new medical and surgical products

Nue Medical Solutions is dedicated to providing unique and revitalizing ideas to produce high-qual­ity, innovative surgical products. We strive to provide superior customer service by meeting the needs of the patients, healthcare providers, and hospitals in the field of surgery.

Creating new medical and surgical products

Here at Nue Medical Solutions, LLC, we feel that by involving our clients such the surgeons, nurses, and ancillary health care worker in surgery by doing a round table and by listening to their concerns about their daily struggles due to the lack of proper equipment that together we can create the right tools and instruments needed to better treat the patients they service.

By asking questions and involving our clients, we can then address their issues and concerns and provide a product that can help in reducing surgical cost, assist in reducing infectious and microbial materials from spreading to the patients thus in turn lower the chances of patient takeback into surgery.

Our team of engineers and health care professionals are working diligently in creating new medical and surgical products that will critical in addressing some of the daily concerns that arises during each surgical case. We are excited that in 2018, Nue Medical Solutions, LLC will launch more additional products that will help in controlling surgical cost and help in reducing the spread of infectious materials to your patients.